The styles you never knew you wanted, in the sizes you've always needed.

A new INCLUSIVE line of Louisiana inspired designs.

You've asked,  I've listened and aim to deliver.

Mission: To provide an inclusive line of trendy Louisiana inspired t-shirt designs in styles & sizes flattering to all body types. 
After being in the industry for many years I was always disheartened by hearing terms like "I look like a busted can of biscuits.", "I feel like a 5 lb boudin stuffed into a vienna sausage casing." "These big designs on the front make me self conscious of people staring at my mid section." I aim to give you all the satisfaction of being state proud as well as feeling good in your own skin. This is the driving force behind this brand, giving you what you desire in the styles and sizes that are flattering for anyone. 

Available online and COMING SOON to a festival near YOU.